Critical Strike Portable Game Review

Critical strike portable multi-player game is based on the popular counter strike game. Most of the maps and weapons in cs portable are similar to CS game. If you are a fan of the CS game then you will quickly recognize the resemblance between these two games.

The game is built using the unity 3D engine and graphics are fairly good. Game can be played in the browser and you don’t need to download it. IPhone and android versions of this game are also available.

Game Modes:
Here is the brief overview of the game modes

1- Classic Mode:

In classic mode the players will be split into two teams and death will be permanent until the next round. There are three ways to win in this mode.

a- Kill all your enemies.

b- As a counter terrorist you have to rescue all hostages and take them to the safe zone.

c- As a terrorist you will have to plant the bomb and make it explode to win.

2- Capture The Flag Mode:

In this mode your mission is to capture your enemy flag and return safely to your base to win.

3- Team Death Match:

Get ready for the unlimited action. Death will not be permanent in this mode. There will be a scoreboard showing the number of kills.

4- Zombie Mode:

One of the players will be selected as a zombie and he/she will have to infect other players to win. The zombie will start with 2000 HP and it will regenerate slowly. If any other player is infected then he have to infect other players as well to win.

5- Survival:

New players will join as counter terrorist and have to survive the brutal attacks of zombies,terrorists and kamikazes.

6- Juggernaut:

In this mode host will be selected as first juggernaut and every other player will have to kill him to become the new juggernaut. Juggernaut will have extra health and speed.

Knife: A simple weapons to kill your enemies with few hits. Useful in close fights.

Desert Eagle: Manual fire weapon which is often used as secondary weapon.

AK-47/M4A1: Fully automatic rifles which are useful in any map.

AWP:Manual fire weapon to kill enemies at long distance. Don’t use this weapon for short range as it will be ineffective.

XM1014:An Automatic short gun which is good to kill players at short range. Not good for long ranges though.

Grenade:An explosive weapon which has a high range and damage if used properly.

Flash Grenade: This grenades is used to blind the enemies for a limited time. You can’t use it kill enemies.

Smoke Grenade: Name says it all. It can be used to create smoke.

C4: An explosive usually used by terrorist team. Any one within the range of C4 will die instantly.


Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Crouch: X

Walk: Left shift

Shooting: Left mouse button

Scope snipe rifle: Right mouse button

Select weapons: 1-5 keys

Deactivate bomb: E

Chat: Y

Drop Gun: G

FlashLight: F


You need to collect money as well to buy some new weapons. Killing enemies will earn you money which you can use to buy weapons. If you don’t have enought money you can always pick weapons from the ground. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start the action.

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