CS Portable Online

Play Critical Strike Portable Online 3d Games.


CS Portable is single and multiplayer fps shooting game inspired from the popular counter strike game. Play the 3d action game and fight with terrorists, counter-terrorists and zombies. Place the bombs, load your guns and start the action... The game offers different modes like classic mode, zombie mode, team death match and survival mode. In classic mode you will play against your opponents team. Play in death match and eliminate all other players or enter into the zombie mode and turn others to zombies. Controls: Left click to shoot, "X" to crouch and "spacebar" to jump. Use 1-5 keys to select different weapons and "R" key to reload. Use "Esc" key to end or pause the game. Note: CS portable is no longer available on this site. You can play another multi-player game similar to it below.  

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    my little pony friendship is magic!!!!

  • Amuno

    I am on Rank 20



  • squid_ink

    It copied counter strike so you can play it online for free. Like a free demo so people can try it out.

  • zombie13

    coollllllllllll and awesome i love this game

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    I have rank 64

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    Hey guys, my rank is 2 🙂

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    @zombie13 I have rank 4

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    CS portable I love you

  • biladen

    Game Nay La tuyet voi nhat ko nhu nhunh game onothe